What Time is the Mayweather Vs McGregor fight today

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The biggest Boxing match of the year, Mayweather vs McGregor is officially less than 24 hours away and both Boxing and MMA fans are excited!

Mayweather vs McGregor could potentially break all pay-per-view records, even more than Mayweather vs Pacquiao. However ticket sales aren’t doing well as there are still over 2,000 tickets available.

Floyd Mayweather is undoubtedly one of the best Boxers of this generation and he is facing one of the UFC’s biggest stars, Conor McGregor.

The fight will take place at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas, along with this Millions of people around the world will be watching to see if this fight will live up to its hype.

Over the past few weeks both fighters have taken part in international press conferences and built a lot of hype around the fight via social media.

Floyd Mayweather has guaranteed to stop this fight before 12 rounds, claiming that he will not only beat Conor McGregor but embarrass him.

Regardless of who you are supporting, here’s all the details you need to know about the Mayweather Vs McGregor fight today.

What time is the fight today?

The fight is happening on Saturday 26 August. The main event begins at 4am BST, but the fight itself may start closer to 5am.

Here’s all the details you need to know about the Mayweather Vs McGregor fight today.

Where is the fight taking place?

The fight will take place inside the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

How can I watch it on TV?

The huge fight can be streamed online by ShowTime and Sky Sports Box Office.

American fights fans will have to pay £69.85 ($89.99) to watch in standard definition and £77.60 ($99.99) for HD.

But in the UK the fight will cost viewers £19.95 or €24.95 for Republic of Ireland customers.

What are the odds?

The odds are heavily in favour of Floyd Mayweather. Bookies immediately predicted a Mayweather win as soon as the fight was announced. Originally Mayweather had a 1/11 favourite. He’s now significantly shorter at 2/9 due to the amount of UFC fans betting small amounts on Conor McGregor to win.

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