Tyson Fury plans to make a comeback and beat “Pumped up weightlifter” Anthony Joshua

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Tyson Fury has made plans to come out of retirement and defeat Heavyweight Champion Boxer Anthony Joshua.

Tyson fury has not fought since October 2015 when he beat Wladimir Klitschko in Dusseldorf, Germany. Since then Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury have both had many verbal exchanges on social media causing a lot of excitement for both Boxing fans and others caught up in the hype.

Immediately after Joshua beat Klitschko at Wembley Arena in April 2017, Joshua called out Fury saying “Tyson Fury, Where you at baby”.

Tyson Fury spoke at a public event telling the crowd that he is “The Pitbull of the fighting game”

Fury also said “People wanna see it (a fight between Joshua and Fury).

Why did Tyson Fury stop Boxing?

Fury will appear before UK Anti-Doping next month in a hearing that could decide if he has a future in Boxing. Fury was charged with doping by the agency in June 2016. A claim Fury always denied. The claim caused Fury to stop Boxing and within a couple of years Fury put on a lot of weight which he must lose if he wants to thin about fighting Joshua.

This is not the first time Fury has made claims of coming back to Boxing, maybe it will be the last though.

Fury seems to be confident this time thought as he said “When I get my license back and I get fit again and I get this five stone off, what did Schwarzenegger say? ‘I’ll be back”.

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