Shannon Briggs Calls out Tyson Fury

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Shannon Briggs has promised to Knock Out Tyson Fury in order to get a fight with Wladimir Klitschko.

Shannon Briggs (60-6, 53 KOs) has wanted to fight Wladimir Klitschko for a while and many people have seen how funny he is on social media chasing Wladimir around, videos are everywhere for the world to see. However, Briggs believes that if he defeats Tyson Fury then Klitschko will have no choice but to return to Boxing and fight Briggs, will that work, time will tell.

Tyson Fury (25-0, 18 KOs) has other plans, he wants to fight WBA and IBF Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua in order to return as a king of Boxing. Fury is currently very out of shape and he has been working hard to get fit in order to fight Joshua.

Fury is also waiting for his UK anti-doping hearing as his suspended from Boxing until that is resolved. Briggs is now free to box again following his own recent failed drugs test.

Tyson Fury is expected to be able to return to the ring in 2018 and has made it clear that he intends to become Heavyweight champion again.

Briggs told Sky Sports: “My target is Tyson Fury. He’s a chump, he’s a punk. He shot some words at me on Twitter but he’s scared of me”. He also said “I like Fury but I want to knock him out. Once I knock out ‘the whale’ – that’s what I call Fury – I bet that Wladimir Klitschko will come back [to fight me].”

Any fight between the two has not been confirmed yet. However, Joshua vs Fury could potentially happen if Fury gets in shape as they both want to fight, recently Joshua and Fury went at it on social media.

Joshua called Fury a ‘fat f**k’ to which Fury responded: “This is a message to the weight-lifter, big Anthony Joshua – the tough man. Who told me to get fit. To be honest with you, I don’t need to get fit to fight somebody like you, at all. “I’ll come to you and I’ll punch your face in for you. Even at 25 stone. So, I really don’t need to get fit for you, put it that way.”

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