Mayweather says McGregor does not punch hard

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Before the big fight on Saturday night everyone on social media were discussing the punching power of McGregor against Mayweather, especially after the pictures of him beating up Malignaggi were released on Instagram.

So how was Floyd Mayweather able to keep walking towards the supposedly big punching Conor McGregor and Knock him out.

McGregor did not look powerful at all in his fight against Mayweather. He was mostly throwing rabbit punches all night. Mayweather said after the fight that if McGregor was a big puncher, he wouldn’t have walked him down the way he did in their mega-fight at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mayweather said in his post-fight interview “As far as his punching power – he’s solid,” he added to this saying “I’ve felt it before, so that’s why I kept coming straight ahead. Obviously, it wasn’t the type of power to say, ‘I can’t come forward.’ Because if it were that type of power, I wouldn’t have come forward.”

Mayweather promised to make up for his fight against Pacquiao which he claimed his fans were not happy about as he was mostly defensive and counter-punching. Mayweather said “I want to Give the fans what they want to see,” During the fight Mayweather pushed McGregor which hard everyone talking, in response to this he said in his post fight interview “I pushed him and taunted him. (to insist) ‘You still ain’t knocked me out, yet. I thought you said it wasn’t going past the fourth. Show me your real power.’”

Did McGregor talk too much before the fight?

Before the fight McGregor was saying that he had the youth the power and stamina on his side, but it didn’t help him during his fight as even a non-boxing expert could see the fight was very one-sided after round 3 in favour of Mayweather.

During the fight, the referee Robert Byrd was very patient with McGregor and did not take points off from him for all the rabbit punching. Byrd would have been perfectly justified to take points off and even disqualify McGregor for the high number of rabbit punching but he knew that if he did that the fans would go crazy as the fight was not cheap for both tickets and PPV.

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