Manny Pacquiao “Robbed” by Jeff Horn

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The Boxing community was shocked and disappointed at the outcome of Manny Pacquiao vs Jeff Horn earlier.

Many people predicted that Pacquiao would have an “easy win” against Horn but that was far from the case. Pacquiao dominated the rounds and during round 9 the refere wanted to stop the fight due to the lack of punches Horn was throwing. However, after that warning from the referee Horn fought the next three rounds full of energy wining rounds over Pacquiao.

Social media erupted on Saturday night as all three judges awarded Jeff Horn of Australia a unanimous decision over Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines in the WBO world welterweight title bout held in Horn’s hometown of Brisbane.

The Boxing Hype asked its followers on Instagram how they scored the fight, most people replied by stating it was a clear robbery due to the judges scoring.

Manny Pacquiao suffered a head injury due to a clash of heads with Horn. Horn suffered severe injuries around his eye and was taken to hospital (as seen below)

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