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Jeff Reinebold’s NFL Week 1 & Ante-Post Tips

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Aloha NFL fans, I for your 2019 NFL year and I’ll??be helping you create your selections through the year.
The year kicks off tonight??in Chicago. It is a Thursday nighter between the Bears and the Packers. I will tell you something, that is only one of the NFL’s greatest and it is among the most hated rivaliries of it.
Aaron Rodgers attracts a Packer group in here, behind first year head coach Matt LaFleur but I tell you what, when you enter Chicago its its even harder when you need to play right into a defence and demanding.?? I elaborate the Bears . I think it’ll be great soccer game, I think that it’ll be close. But again, the house advantage and defence give??the??nod, in my mind, into the Bears.
Let’s talk a bit about the club or thereabouts??come January. NFC East??& AFC East seem fairly easy to me. I like the Eagles, I enjoy the Patriots.
We go to the north and that I believe the Bears will be there come. They have to stay healthy, whilst Mitch??Trubisky will continue developing.
The Steelers would be the class act at the AFC North. Everybody’s jumping to the Browns bandwagon but they’re not proven. I must see how they play??and manage throughout the season.
In the NFC West, I think that the Rams are still also the AFC West and the dogs in that branch. The Chiefs are a team, in my head, should be from the Super Bowl. Their defence is going to be better underneath Steve Spagnuola plus they’ve got an wonderful young QB at Patrick Mahomes.
The Jacksonville Jaguars is a team. They will be a group to be reckoned with and have great players in their roster. They’ve a chance, and wont have another year like they did.
Of course in the NFC South I have to choose the Saints. Drew Brees is ageless playing in a high, high level.
Look forward to talking ball throughout the season.
Jeff’s branch picks tally up to a huge 322/1 8-fold!??

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