David Haye: “I know in 2017 I’ll be World Heavyweight Champion again”

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Former Heavyweight Champion David Haye said in an interview. “I know in 2017 I’ll be World Heavyweight Champion again”.

In an interview with Box Nation in October 2016 David Haye said that he would be World Heavyweight Champion again, and he shocked the world, but not how he wanted to.

The former Heavyweight Champion lost his most recent fight to Tony Bellew which shocked the boxing community. Most Boxing fans said that it would be an easy fight for Haye. However, it was far from that as Haye damaged his Achilles in the fight and could hardly walk but he carried on which many people applauded him for as he showed a lot of heart.

In a recent Interview David Haye has said again that he will be a champion, but will people believe him this time.

Last week Haye announced that Cuba’s Ismael Salas would be his new trainer, replacing Shane McGuigan. In the interview below Salas answered questions with Boxing News Magazine.

Q: How soon will Haye fight again, how is his Achilles injury, which he of course suffered in the Tony Bellew loss?

“That fight, that defeat, it taught Haye a lesson and he has indeed learned from it. He has had a tremendously successful operation, followed by great post-op therapy and treatment. I would say he is around 95-percent fit and healthy right now. I think before the end of the year, he will certainly be ready to fight again. I feel a rematch with Tony Bellew would be the best first step [in the comeback] and then take another step forward. I certainly feel Haye can become champion again.”

Q: Who do you think is the best current heavyweight champion?

“In my opinion the heavyweight division is in a revival period right now, after the last true great, Lennox Lewis. We have fresh talent with Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder. In time, Haye will be able to reappear on the big stage and fight these names. In terms of who is the best, this will come down to the growth process of the fighters. I would say Joshua is the head of the heavyweight division today, with Wilder a close second. But there are also a number of good young fighters come up who will soon emerge as stars.”

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