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WTA Odds Comparison – Women’s Tennis

OddsJet has the best WTA Tour coordinate odds for ladies’ tennis fans far and wide

The WTA visit goes through November and has 55 occasions including the four significant competitions: Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open. On the off chance that you are searching for WTA odds on any match inside a their occasions, OddsJet analyzes coordinate betting odds from a few trustworthy online sportsbook organizations. This WTA odds correlation permits OddsJet to show the best odds for each match on the WTA schedule so tennis bettors may amplify their potential returns. On the off chance that you are keen on tennis fates betting on the by and large victor for any of the four significant ladies’ competitions, OddsJet likewise gives correlation with Women’s Australian Open champ odds, Women’s French Open champ odds, Ladies Wimbledon champ odds and Women’s US Open victor odds.

WTA Tour coordinate odds and markets clarified

Cash Line

At the point when you basically need to bet on the victor of a given WTA World Tour coordinate, you need to bet on the Money Line. There is no impairment included, simply pick your victor. Top choices and dark horses are set out just through the odds evaluating.


The fundamental debilitation betting market for WTA tennis includes the differential sum in games won between the two players throughout a match. Keep in mind, all matches on the WTA Tour including the majors are best-of-three sets. How about we utilize the model impairment of – 5.5 games. This implies the most loved should win the match with at any rate a 6 game differential for a bet on the most loved to be a victor. On the off chance that the differential is 5 or less, those that bet on the longshot will win their bet. In the event that the consequence of the match is 6-4, 7-6 to the top choice, the all out games won is 13 to 10. In any case, the most loved just won with a differential of three games, which has not beaten the debilitation of 5.5 games. For this situation, a bet on the dark horse would have won. Had the outcome been 6-2, 6-4, for instance, the all out games won would be 12 to 6, which is a 6-game differential to the top pick. This differential is more prominent than the impediment and along these lines a bet on the most loved would be viewed as a triumphant bet.


The most famous WTA complete market is the 2-way game all out betting market. Here one just picks whether the absolute number of games will be finished or under the figure that is set by the sportsbook. Subsequently, you may see an all out debilitation figure of 20.5 games. On the off chance that you accept the match gets an opportunity to go to three sets, you may support the ‘over.’ If you figure the most loved may win effectively in straight sets, you may support the ‘under.’ For instance, a match aftereffect of 6-4, 6-4 sums to 20 games or ‘under’ the aggregate. Only one progressively game played in the match would have driven the outcome to an ‘over.’

Instances of WTA World Tour odds communicated in American, Decimal and Fractional arrangements

For American odds position, there are two arrangements of articulations to recall, however both include the figure of $100. To begin with, negative numbers are for when the odds are beneath even-cash, so they express the amount one needs to bet so as to win a benefit of $100. For instance, odds of – 325 on Serena Williams implies one would need to stake $325 so as to conceivably accomplish a benefit of $100. A triumphant bet for this situation would restore a sum of $425. At the point when odds are above even-cash, the odds cost is a positive figure. This communicates how much potential benefit would be returned for a bet of $100. For instance, when you see odds of +185 on Eugenie Bouchard, a stake $100 would get a potential benefit of $185, yielding an absolute return of $285. Note that this utilization of $100 as a statement of American odds position valuing is only that, for motivations behind articulation. It is neither a cutoff nor a prerequisite for the amount you should bet.

With Decimal odds position, the odds express the maximum capacity sum that will be returned on your bet including the stake sum. For this, just increase the Decimal odds by the stake. For instance, if a bet on Anna Ivanovic is recorded at 1.75, a $100 bet would conceivably restore an aggregate of $175 including your stake, so the benefit would be $75.
For Fractional configuration, the odds express the measure of potential benefit that will be returned on a bet. For instance, a bet of $100 and odds of 4/5 (said four-to-five) on Simona Halep, one could see a benefit of $80 (4 isolated by 5, duplicated by $100) in addition to the stake sum for a complete potential return of $180.