Antonio Margarito beats Carson Jones by Controversial Decision

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Antonio Margarito (41-8, 27 Kos) beats Carson Jones (40-12-3, 30 KOs) with a 7th round technical decision win.

The fight took place at the Gimnasio Manuel Bernardo Aguirre, in Chihuahua, Mexico. Many boxing fans were angry due to the controversial stoppage in round 7 due to a clash of heads, althought the punch appeared to come from a punch instead. Margarito was bleeding due to a cut on his right eyelid in the 2nd round which led the fight being stopped in round 7. 

The judges scored the fight over 7 rounds and gave Margarito the technical decision win. The scores were 68-64, 67-65 and 67-65.

The fight was very equal however the fight was stopped early in Round 4 when Jones was landing punches. It is believed that the timekeeper got confused and stopped the round early by mistake. However Margarito showed how much heart he had during round 4 as he took some strong punches to the chin and carried on fighting.

Another controversial point to highlight within this fight was that Jones was penalized a point in round 5 for leading with his head.

From round 6 onwards it looked like Margarito was in survival mode as he was throwing few jabs and Jones was landing some very big punches against Margarito.

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