Anthony Joshua will fight the winner of Wilder vs Ortiz

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Anthony Joshua wants to unify the Heavyweight divison after he gets his mandatory fight with Kubrat Pulev out of the way. He will fight the winner of Wilder vs Ortiz who fight on November 4th.

Anthony Joshua will fight Kubrat Pulev on October 28th in Cardiff, Wales. Joshua seems to be very confident it will be an easy win for him as he already has plans to get this fight with Pulev out of the way and win the WBC Heavyweight title in order to unify the Heavyweight division.

The fight between Pulev and Joshua seems to be very one-sided, Most Boxing fans say that Joshua will win this fight and it will be an “easy win”. This is also confirmed by the betting odds of 10/1 for Joshua to win in round 1 by KO.

However, Kubrat Pulev should not be taken lightly as he is not an unknown opponent, Pulev has a record of 25-1 (13 Kos) and is a well-respected Boxer.

Anthony Joshua has a perfect record with all his fights being won by KO. The Heavyweight Champion has a resemblance to a prime Mike Tyson who use to walk into the ring and stop his opponent within the first few rounds and therefore there is a big chance the odds of 10/1 for Joshua to win in round 1 could be true.

When will Anthony Joshua unify the Heavyweight division?

This all depends on the outcome of Ortiz vs Wilder on November 4th. The winner will fight Joshua, this will definitely be a fight Joshua will not take lightly as he has wanted to unify the Heavyweight division ever since he beat Wladimir Klitschko at Wembley Arena in April.


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