Anthony Joshua believes he can be as great as Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson

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If Anthony Joshua beats Deontay Wilder and Joseph Parker he believes that this will put his name alongside boxing legends Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson.

If Joshua beats Wilder and Parker in 2018, he would possess all 4 titles in the heavyweight division, which has never been done before. Joshua believes that would put him on the same level as Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. 

Legends are made for who they are, how they fight and who they fight. Therefore, would beating Wilder and Parker give Joshua the credentials to be named alongside with Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson, well that is for the fans to decide.

It could potentially make him a legend if he unifies the Heavyweight division and stays undefeated for a period of time. However apart from Wilder and Parker there are no serious threats to Joshua and without any “big” fights it will be hard for Joshua to retire as a legend like Ali and Tyson.

There is new talent coming up which could potentially give Joshua a challenge but only time will tell, examples of these individuals are Anthony Yarde who is an undefeated Light Heavyweight Boxer from London, UK. If he was to move up to the Heavyweight division in the future he could be a threat to Joshua.


Anthony Joshua believes he can be as great as Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson

Anthony Yarde after winning the WBO European light-heavyweight title with a first Round KO.

How did Joshua win his titles?

Joshua won the IBF title 2 years ago when he beat Charles Martin by a 2nd round knockout in his 16th fight as a pro. Joshua won his WBA title by beating Wladimir Klitschko with a 11th round knockout victory. The current WBO Heavyweight title is held by Joseph Parker and the current Heavyweight WBC title is held by Deontay Wilder.


Joshua is currently in Dubai where he had an interview with Dubai Eye and said. “One hundred per cent because we have done something credible, tangible and we have the assets to prove it. I always say the proof is in the pudding,” he also said “When I negotiate the fight (Joshua vs Wilder), once it’s done, I’ll announce it. I don’t like to talk about ‘I’m this, I’m that’ when I haven’t got it. So once I have it and I’m on the journey, say the fight is a week away, I’ll say: ‘I’m on the verge of mentioning my name alongside the greats like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. At the minute, I’m a prospect and I know what the future holds but I’ll just a keep a lid on it for now because we still have so far to go,”

Is Joshua currently on the same level as Ali and Tyson? Will he be on the same level as Ali and Tyson if he unifies the Heavyweight Division? Let us know your thoughts.

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