Amir Khan wants to fight Conor McGregor in Ireland

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British former world champion Amir Khan wants to fight Conor McGregor in Ireland if the unimaginable happens and McGregor beats Mayweather. Khan has declared that “boxing is over” if McGregor beats Mayweather, but the former world champion is not willing to turn down a big money fight against the UFC star.

Amir Khan last fought against Canelo Alvarez in May 2016 and suffered a shocking Knockout. However, that has not stopped the Boxer and he is back in training in San Francisco after three operations to repair his right hand. Khan has said that he will be attending the fight in Las Vegas between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor tonight.

Regarding the fight between Mayweather and McGregor Khan said “It’s a money fight,” … “It’s going to make a lot of money and boxing is a business. It is going to be a good fight for the first couple of rounds but I see Mayweather getting a stoppage. This could be Mayweather’s chance to finish his career on a high against a big name. He’s fighting a guy who hasn’t had a fight, people are forgetting that. They know his MMA career is good. It will be exciting for a couple of rounds then Mayweather will walk through him.”

Khan has said that this hyped event is doing the sport of Boxing a favour due to the interest it has created internationally from Non-Boxing fans. However, he stated that “Boxing is over” if McGregor (0-0) wins, beating Mayweather (49-0) at his own game.

“I think it’s good for boxing. I think boxing needs this. The PPV numbers have been s**t [in the USA] recently. Boxing needs a fight like this to get boxing back up again. The winner of this will give the fans an idea of which sport to follow and which sport is better. If Mayweather wins the boxing goes on a high, if McGregor wins then people will follow MMA.

“I mean it should be a warning to boxing. There are a lot of titles out there [in boxing]. It gives more people an opportunity for a title. UFC there is only one champion which makes it harder for them. I think the way boxing is going is fine. It is a warning that you must step your game up. Especially if McGregor wins, boxing is over. I can’t see him winning though. To have this fight will take whichever sport to a different level.”

When Amir Khan was asked if he would fight Conor McGregor he said “You’d take it because it’s a big name. To do a fight like that in the UK would be massive. I’d even go to Ireland and fight him there. You might beat him in the ring but walking out of the ring might be a bit of an issue!”

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