Adrien Broner looks to put on a show against Mikey Garcia

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Earlier this week Adrien Broner was furiour as he was pronounced the underdog by the media. In reaction to this Broner has promised “to put on a show” against Mikey Garcia in order to prove everyone wrong.

Adrien Broner (33-2, 24 KOs) is preparing to take on the unbeaten Mikey Garcia (36-0 30 KOs) in a super-lightweight bout at the Barclays Center on July 30.

During Thursday’s media conference call Broner said. “F- the press. They all against me… I am going to F- Mikey up. Nothing personal. I can’t tell the future but I will be victorious”.

Broner – a four-weight world champion – also insisted he will have no trouble making the 140-pound limit, despite having missed weight for a previous fight against Britain’s Ashley Theophane. Within the last few hours it has been confirmed that Broner is 144 lbs meaning meaning that it is very likely he will make weight as there is still over a week untill fight night.

A clause in the fight contract means Broner would be fined $500,000 if he fails to make weight.

Adrien Broner said in an interview “I feel great,”. The fighter also said “I weighed in at 144 pounds this morning and I could make weight tomorrow if I wanted to.

“Now I’ve got a reason to make 140. Plus, I am not giving nobody a half-a-million dollars. But I’m just cruising, man. I’m just ready to put on a show.

“I don’t care about being an underdog. I don’t make my money off that.”

Adrien Broner has posted a lot on his social media accounts, the picture below is one of his most recent Instagram posts which shows that he is in great condition.

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